Anti-Hack Monitoring

Security is a top priority when it comes to those involved in the online world. We are fully dedicated to patching and updating your website to avoid any vulnerabilities that may arise.

  • Managed Host Server Services
  • Constant Alert-Monitoring for Brute Force attacks and IDS Security Anomalies
  • Encrypted 256-bit SSL Certificate ( Billed Separately )
  • Database Cleanup
  • Constant Monitoring for Server Software Updates & Server Maintenance to the website
  • WordPress Tune-Up & Software Updates
  • Blacklisting Bruteforce IP’s
  • Blacklisting of BruteForce Domains
  • Use of RBL List
  • Use of RBL List
  • Backend Admin Security Software
  • Apache Modules: PHP-FPM and Redis for optimization

Unfortunately, a lot of people get hacked and don’t become aware of it until a lot of damage has been done – website damage, defacement, even Google penalties. Knowing ahead of time can help us with security measures and preparedness. The security programs we use will not affect you SEO rankings in any way. It simply protects and hides your website from malicious attackers so that they will “walk right past your website”.

Websites are susceptible to a wide range of attacks including SQL injections, brute-force attacks, and unauthorized logins. Most hackers and bots know where to find important weak points through certain files and webpages. A bot that is designed to target websites will therefore attack any website with specific security holes via SQL-Injection and XSS attacks.

Just as hacking software takes advantage of the fact that some websites are structured in the same way, the sucurity software we use takes advantage of the fact that software can only target your website IF IT ACTUALLY KNOWS your website structure. It does this by removing all evidence, fingerprints and traces of your website structure or platform. This makes it very difficult for hackers to infiltrate your website becauase malicious bots cannot even “see it”. In other words we help make your site virtually invisible to online hackers, WITHOUT affecting your SEO.

Additionally, with a built-in Intrusion Detection and Prevention System we are actively notified when a particular IP is trying to access the website. We are alerted to possible security breaches so that we can be ready should anything happen. Sometimes an IP is malicious and sometimes not. In any case we can investigate and permanently ban an IP Address or country codes that we feel are a nuisance to the security and integrity of your website.

NO security is 100% bullet-proof, but we can confidently testify that we have NOT HAD ANY successful hacks to ANY of our websites since the implementation of this security software.

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