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A virtual private server (VPS) is a private network arrangement on an Internet hosting provider’s network where a separate area of the server is configured as a virtual machine. The virtual machine has the same characteristics of a standalone physical computer and can be dedicated to meet the needs of a particular customer. The virtual nature of the configuration allows it to have security, privacy and other capabilities that are not impacted by the other VPS resources on the same networked machine.

Without getting into too much detail on Web hosting resource usage and how it works—consider the following analogy: A shared Web hosting solution is similar to an apartment building. Your website will live inside a unit, which will be on a server with many other units. If your neighbor had a party with a ton of people, the elevators would clog and your access would be limited. The same exists for web hosting in a shared environment.

Dedicated environments are the equivalent of a single family home: you can manage, configure, and utilize the server as you see fit. However, that also means you take on the responsibility of maintenance and updates. Most of the tier one providers, such as Rackspace, do offer the ability to have your server managed, but many do not. It is in those scenarios where help from a third party is essential.

We use scalable Solid State Drive based cloud VPS hosting.

Diversified Locations – Multiple datacenters across North America & Europe.
SSD Storage – Lightning fast SSD storage loaded with features.
Support – 24/7/365 U.S. Based Technical Support.
Uptime – High-End networks with DDOS protection ensure fast reliable service.

Another advantage of a VPS is that many configurations allow the customer to have administrative control to manage certain aspects of their applications and data on the server. In other instances, the customer may prefer to have the internet service provider handle the management of the VPS. In this case, security, maintenance and software upgrades are the responsibility of the service provider. Access to multiple operating systems is another benefit of using a VPS. This feature is especially useful for a company that may have legacy applications that will only run on an earlier version of an operating system.

What can a virtual private server do?

The VPS can take advantage of the virtual nature of shared resources that is accessible through the Internet. In situations where a client may need increased resources, the VPS can borrow those network resources from other clients on the system that may be idle. The converse is true when the client is not using all of their resources, the system will shift it to other clients that may need the added horsepower. Security aspects of the VPS are better since each VPS client is a standalone virtual machine that is isolated from other machines on the network. This prevents it from being impacted by security threats and service issues that may occur with the other clients. The isolated nature of the machine on a VPS allows it to be rebooted independently of the other machines on the VPS. It can have dedicated software and applications that run on it that can be customized to meet the client’s requirements. The VPS can also provide virtual storage space that can be expanded to meet the needs of the client. Customers are not limited by hardware limitations that may occur when they handle their own network.

Is a virtual private server secure?

The Virtual Private Server is optimized to be secure and offers customized security features that are tailored to the customer’s needs. Although the VPS is located on the same physical network server as other VPS arrangements, it is not impacted by the other clients using the same server. The VPS can be configured to run the software and applications that are specific to that customer. Many service providers will use various encryption protocols to ensure that data and information stored on their VPS is protected.

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