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Source: by Russell Brandom@russellbrandom Sep 8, 2016, 11:15am EDT     Chrome is getting serious about websites that don’t use encryption. The next version of Chrome will include a new warning for unencrypted login sites, according to a post today on the Google Security Blog. Chrome 56, which is planned to launch in January, will mark HTTP login pages as "not secure" in a window next to the address bar. Unencrypted HTTP is particularly dangerous for login pages, as it could allow an attacker to intercept passwords as they travel across the network. A Google illustration showing the new Chrome warning. The post also lays out Chrome’s long term plan for discouraging unencrypted web connections. In the years to come, the team plans to warn Chrome users away from all sites served over unencrypted HTTP, beginning with Incognito mode "where users may have higher expectations of privacy." Planned ... Read More
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Managed website hosting has emerged due the rapid growth of website CMS which has grown so big that hosting companies have specifically crafted new servers and assigned dedicated engineers and website specialists to make your website a joyful and high-end experience. Imagine enterprise level tuned servers and high performance written scripts by 100’s of world leading website developers and Linux engineers dedicated for one propose, taking your website to the highest achievable level while solving your technical issues virtually worry-free.     Why should you go with managed website hosting?   Support Well, managed website hosting means you are not just renting a spot on a shared, VPS or a dedicated server but you are also renting a top notch team to fix not only your server issues but also your website. If you are not on a website managed hosting plan, then if your issue  is not related to the UN-managed server, then ... Read More
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In November 2016 PIGO Multimedia switched over to a more enhanced Billing System. What does this mean for you; our family of clients? _________________________________________________________________________   How Do Our Clients Benefit... 1. - PDF Formated Invoices will be sent in PDF format are attached to every invoice related email we send, including new invoice notifications, and payment reminder notices, so you don’t even need to visit our site to view their bills, unless you want to. All invoices and payment history will be stored online for your convenience. 2. - One Off & Recurring options will allow our client to be enrolled in RE-curring billing or just regular one-time billing. It will allow clients to enroll in payment plans and one off custom invoicing for bespoke services. 3. - Quotes/Estimates can be created and sent to our client to review, and then converted to invoices at the click of a button if they are accepted/approved by the ... Read More
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In November 2016 PIGO Multimedia switched over to a more enhanced Support Ticket System. What does this mean for you; our family of clients? _________________________________________________________________________   How Do Our Clients Benefit... 1. - Support Ticket System will allow us to seamlessly track all client communication and allowing multiple staff to view/respond. We will no longer be using emails for Support and Requests. You will be given a unique login area where you will be able to track all of your communication with us as we look forward to serving you in a stellar and timely fashion. 2. - Knowledgebase System allows us to provide answers to your common questions and topics, while reducing our support load. 3. - File Attachment Uploading will be supported through the ticket system to allow us to receive files from our clients. 4. - Ticket Escalation allows us to keep you on top of tickets, with auto responders and notifications when tickets are ... Read More
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Browser plugins, especially Flash, have enabled some of our favorite experiences on the Web, including videos and interactive content. But plugins often introduce stability, performance, and security issues for browsers. This is not a trade-off users should have to accept. Mozilla and the Web as a whole have been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content in everyday browsing. Starting in August, Firefox will block certain Flash content that is not essential to the user experience, while continuing to support legacy Flash content. Read more by clicking the link below: Reducing Adobe Flash Usage in Firefox   ======================================   Today, Mozilla announced its plans to do away with the thorn in our side that is Flash. Starting August 2016, with Firefox 48, Mozilla will block all Flash content deemed “not essential to the user experience.” The move is the first in a series that will finally kill Flash for good. Read more by clicking the ... Read More
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This entry was posted in Learning, Research, SEO, WordPress Security on March 16, 2016 by Dan Moen 5 Replies During our research into what the WordPress community knows about hacked websites, we discovered that there is very little data available on the subject. We decided to conduct a survey, inviting a portion of our community to participate. We received responses from 1,605 people who reported having a website they manage hacked in the last year. We learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who participated! In a related effort, we also added an article to our Learning Center focused on recovering SEO after a hack. _________________________________________________________________________   How does a hacked website impact SEO We approached this question from a number of angles. The first thing we asked was whether the website was flagged by Google as hacked or containing malicious content. Of the respondents who knew, 46.5% reported being flagged. We were surprised at how low ... Read More
March 16, 2016smoke
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